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Compact Digital Pocket Scales

Compact Digital Pocket Scales

Not just for dealers!

Weigh your weed!

Don’t get ripped off!

Is your Dealer Honest?
Find out!

Weigh your Joints!
How big are they?

How much are you growing?

As mentioned, Digital Pocket Scales are not only for weed dealers anymore. They are the best way to find out if your dealer is being honest with you. It is no secret that dealers can be less than honest merchants. If you sell weed on the street you are a criminal, by definition. Therefore it is generally “criminal types” that sell weed. Dealers have been known to “pinch” a little here and there for personal smoke or to make an extra buck off of you.

Now, owning a digital cannabis scale isn’t just important for people that want to ensure they aren’t getting ripped off. Even people who buy from trusted dealers (or even dispensaries now a days) have a need for a quality scale to weigh marijuana. I know many people who use their marijuana scale to divide up their weed into “smokable doses”. That way they know exactly how much they are consuming and exactly how much this is costing them. This is a great way to save money on your own personal consumption.

Whatever your reason is for owning a digital scale you will no doubt end up saving a lot of money after you purchase a scale. Plus they have some really cool scales on the market today and prices have never been lower (you can get a really good quality scale for $20 or $30 online.)

Check out the selection of scales below and see what fits your needs. If you scroll to the bottom of the page we give you recommendations on where to buy a weed scale.

Stealth Digital Pocket Weed Scales

Stealth weed scales can be a great scale to own a scale that does everything you need but is also very easy to conceal and hide away from prying eyes.

Stealth Coffee Mug/ Digital Scale

This one comes in one model that weighs .1 grams up to 500 grams. Its perfect for stealth missions because it looks like a regular coffee mug! It features a stash container/place to actually put coffee. It comes with a functioning coffee lid. The scale slides out from the bottom of the mug. Super Stealth!


iPhone Style Digital Scale

This is a great compact digital pocket scale with a capacity of 1000g and an accuracy of 0.1g. It’s designed to look like an iphone for pure stealth. This sleek pocket scale supports most weight units, tare weighing, auto power-off, and easy on-key calibration. It features a large stainless steel platform and a clear LCD display with blue back-light. Tested and calibrated before shipping. Batteries included. Specifications Dimensions 2.5″X4.5″


CD Case Stealth Digital Scale

This is a perfect digi weed scale for those who want to keep it hidden! This scale will weigh up to 500grams in 0.1g increments. It also includes leatherette slipcase & includes alternate cd cover art.


Mini Matchbox Portable Digital Scale

This little portable scale will weigh up to 50 grams in 0.01g increments for great accuracy! Small and easy to conceal and it is actually the worlds smallest pocket scale! No joke!


Motorola RazR Style Pocket Scale

Very accurate representation! This small scale is very easy to hide.


Ash Tray Digital Scale

This portable scale also doubles as a functional ashtray. The scale measures 3.9″ D x 1.25″ H and has a weighing platform that is crescent shaped and measures 2.5″ W x 1.5″ L that can weigh up to 500 grams or 17.64 ounces. Features a backlit LCD screen and easy four button operation, a protective tray, and assorted designs on the ashtray. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included) and has a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Pocket Digital Scales

Digital pocket scales are the bread and butter of the weed scale market. These are the most common scales for a reason. They offer a high capacity, great accuracy, at an affordable price point.


Neat little scale. Weighs up to 650 grams with .1 grams of accuracy. Comes with an expansion tray that is also a protective cover. Makes this scale good for travel and for big and small jobs alike.


Blade Scale

Probably the most common digital scale. It has a large weighing surface compared to the overall size of the scale because the screen and control panel flips out from underneath the scale. Comes with an expansion tray for even bigger jobs.


Pro Series

For those that need the highest end digital pocket scales you can feel good in purchasing the pro series pocket scale. It comes in two different models (200 grams x .01 grams and 500 grams by .1 grams). Everything about this scale screams quality workmanship. It has a durable protective cover that also comes off allowing you to always have an expansion tray. Definitely the best pocket scale available but it does come at a higher price than many of the others.

Larger Capacity Digital Scales

These are great for all those large jobs that would just take to long on a pocket scale. The problem is large scale is how inaccurate they are. Until now. Now you can finally buy a scale that could weigh pounds in seconds but is also as accurate as a pocket scale (.1 or even .01 grams of accuracy). These scales are a time saver. Time is money.

1lb Capacity Bowl Scale

This digital scale has a removable bowl on the weighing platform. The scale base measures 7.5″ L x 7.5″ W x 2″ H and the dishwasher safe weighing bowl measures 7.75″ W x 7.75″ L x 2.25″ H. It weighs up to 5kg or 11lbs. Features a backlit LCD screen and a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Weight measurements include grams and ounces. Also has a tare feature which allows the user to expand the weighing surface. Requires 4 x AA batteries (included).

Platform Digital scale

Very sleek large platform scale. This is great for weighing ounces with ease. The quality on this scale is high end and will save you a lot of time compared to using a pocket scale.


Where should I buy my digital scale

You can buy scales many places. Gas stations, headshops, gift shops, surplus stores, or even online. If you don’t have any place to purchase a scale locally (actually a lot of people don’t) then we recommend purchasing it online.

HerbScales.com is the company we recommend. We’ve purchased a dozen or so scales from them and they always deliver. One of the perks is stealthy shipping. always comes in a plain box with no stupid obvious return label like “Weed Scales R Us 420 High St, Stonerville Ca so its very discreet. They also had free shipping and a few free giveaways the last time we ordered.

You can check out Herbscales.com Here