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Marijuana Webmasters

Marijuana Webmasters

This is a new section I am working on for Webmasters of Marijuana Related websites. It is by no means complete, so check back for updates and new information. If you have any tips or suggestions for this section, please email me at:
[email protected]

HTML and Building Tips

Webmonkey.com – A great online resource of tips and articles.
Sitepoint.com – Another excellent resource
About.com Web Design – Packed with info and where to find free stuff.
HitboxCentral – Excellent Free Statistics, far better then any simple counter.<
Macromedia Dreamweaver – Top of the line visual webpage creation tool.

Website Promotion and Traffic

When you have completed some construction on your website, you now need to get people to it. First this is to submit your website to all the search engines you can find. I included a link below to “Addme.com“, where you can submit your site to the top14 search engines at once, for free. Next, you need to trade links with any websites you can find, this will increase your websites ranking on some search engines, including Google.
 – Free Web page Submission tool! Recommended

Make money with your site

The easiest way to make a few bucks is to signup to some affiliate programs. These programs will pay you a percentage of any sales you generated through a banner or link on your website. I have created a section for these affiliate programs, click here: 420/Marijuana Affiliate Programs

Now link Concept420!