THC Detox: How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

  • Traces of marijuana can stay in your system for several weeks or months
  • Various detox methods exist to get rid of THC more quickly
  • The best methods are natural, such as abstaining from weed and improving your diet

Marijuana use is becoming much more common and widely accepted, with restrictions easing and marijuana dispensaries opening in over 30 states in the US. You might use cannabis to aid with anxiety or pain relief, for example, but you might also like to know how to detox from marijuana when necessary.

Some cannabis users might like to do a marijuana detox before some drug tests, for example, or you might choose to take a so-called ‘T-break’ to give your body time to recover some tolerance so that you can feel the effects more clearly the next time you smoke a joint or consume another cannabis product.

So, what’s the best way to detox from marijuana? And how long does it take to carry out a complete marijuana detox? In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about the detox process, explaining how it works, how long it can take, and what you need to know before trying it yourself.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System?

Before you consider a marijuana detox or think about how to detox your body from marijuana, it’s important to understand that the traces of cannabis use can’t simply vanish overnight. Experts say that traces can be detected in a urine drug test for anywhere from a few days up to a month, in a blood test for three days, in a saliva test for 48 hours, and in a hair test for up to three months.

The length of time that cannabis stays in your system will depend on a range of factors, like the quantity of cannabis you have consumed, how often you use it, what your body’s metabolism is like, and even lifestyle factors like exercise and diet.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

What Does Marijuana Leave In the Body?

When you smoke a cannabis joint or consume marijuana products, some of the chemical compounds from the plant remain in your system. Specifically, the cannabinoids – which are the natural compounds responsible for producing cannabis’ famous effects, like THC and CBD – and their metabolites, can stay in your saliva, hair, urine samples, and even sweat for a while after consumption.

What Do Drug Tests Look For?

If you’re going to take a drug test for a new job or some other reason, the test will generally be designed to look for one specific cannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that makes people feel high when smoking weed or consuming other cannabis products.

Tests will mainly try to focus on detecting THC or THC metabolites, like THC-COOH, which can be stored in your fat cells. This is because the presence of THC is the clearest indicator that a person has been using recreational or medical marijuana, and it’s quite easy to spot in a typical urine test.

For this reason, when people talk about doing a detox from weed before a drug test, their main focus is on THC detox. A THC detox kit can help you eliminate THC from your body so that it won’t show up on the tests, but results and marijuana detox timeframe models can vary from one method to the next.

How Do Detox Remedies Work?

So, how does a detox drink or other detox remedy actually function? Well, the main aim of any kind of marijuana detox is to flush out the THC and other detectable cannabinoids from the body. There are various forms that these detoxes can take, including capsules, tablets, beverages, and more.

Even though they’re all different, they generally work in the same way, triggering a cleansing process to flush toxins from your body and remove THC. However, the problem with many of these methods is that they have certain side effects and can affect your body in various other ways.

Even the best marijuana detox might affect your kidneys, for example, and lead to changes in your urine which test providers may notice. In addition, some detox drinks can trigger changes in the level of creatine in a person’s urine, and once again, this might be spotted and seen as an attempt to cheat or tamper the test.

thc detox

How to Detox From Marijuana?

So, how do you actually do a weed detox and get all traces of cannabis out of your system? Well, there are several methods to choose from, and in this section, we’ll explore some of the most common methods, highlighting the pros, cons, and key features of each one of them:


One of the most basic but effective methods for getting rid of THC is to simply stop using it. If you stop consuming any substance, your body will eventually remove traces of it, and that same logic applies to THC, too.

This is one of the most natural cleansing methods you can use, but it will take some time. On average, you can expect around a month and a half to see the results you need. In addition, it’s not always easy for people to simply quit cannabis at a moment’s notice.


You might be surprised to learn that another really effective way to rid your body of THC is to start exercising! You see, THC and THC metabolites are stored in the body’s fat cells, and if you can burn off those cells, you can get rid of the THC in the process.

The best kinds of exercise for detox purposes are cardio routines that really get your heart racing, as well as weight training. Plus, you get the added benefits of better health and more muscle if you work hard enough.

However, be aware that exercise right before your test is not advised. Research has shown that exercise can lead to an increase in plasma THC levels in individuals who regularly use cannabis. The study indicates that the release of dormant THC from fat stores during exercise may be responsible for the elevation in blood THC levels.

Dietary Changes

As explained above, the body stores THC in fat cells, and if you have more fat cells, you’re more likely to hold onto THC for longer. Therefore, a good way to get around this problem is to adjust your diet.

Start eating more natural foods and fresh produce, while cutting down on fatty and processed foods. This can help to speed up your metabolism and lead to faster breakdown of THC and other cannabinoids, while also improving your overall health.


It’s not just food that you need to focus on when trying to do a THC detox, but water, too. By drinking plenty of water and keeping your body hydrated, you’ll flush out toxins and THC remnants every time.

Water is also critical for many bodily functions and metabolic processes, so it’s a key component for those who want to detox effectively. So make sure you stay hydrated, but don’t overdo it! Too much water can actually be bad for you and won’t offer any extra benefits.

Less Stress

Doing a detox can be quite a stressful procedure for many people, especially if it involves big lifestyle changes that you’re not used to. So, during the process, try to check in with yourself regularly and focus on your mental health and well-being.

Being stressed or anxious won’t help things. In fact, too much stress can make everything worse, so it’s good to approach your detox with a clear and happy mind. Try relaxing activities like meditation or long baths to de-stress.

Detox Kits

Of course, there are also detox kits like drinks and cleansing solutions you can use to try to get rid of THC and other weed traces from your system. Many people turn to these products as fast solutions, but you have to be careful.

There are lots of different detox products out there, and many of them simply can’t live up to the claims on the packaging. There is no product in this world that will simply rid your body of THC in 24 hours, but some detox kits can still be helpful for speeding up the process.

Best Ways to Detox From Marijuana

Overall, while there are many ways to detox from marijuana, the most effective method of all is the natural approach. Cutting down on the cannabis you consume is a good start, and looking after your body with lots of water, healthy food, regular exercise, and enjoyable activities should put you and your body in the right state for a full and effective detoxification.

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