How To Make Bubble Hash

  • Bubble hash is the byproduct of separating trichomes from plant matter.
  • Bubble hash comes in two primary forms, trim processed, and bud processed types.
  • Unlike the regular type, bubble hash uses sifting techniques leading to a higher THC concentration.
  • You can use two buckets, rice bags, bubble bags, stirring tools, and drying sheets to make bubble hash at home.
  • Since the end product will be wet, it is critical to dry it before consumption; otherwise, the cannabis will not be valuable.
  • You can air-dry the residue, use a cold room, or freeze-dry it.

Hash is one of the most famous cannabis extracts, thanks to the ancient art of manufacturing plant material. One common byproduct is bubble hash, a high-quality and potent concentrate made without solvents.

Read on to learn how to make bubble hash at home using a few tools you can find in your kitchen.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash or ice water hash results after separating trichomes from the plant material using a few items (buckets, filter bags, ice, and water). Freezing water and ice toughen the trichome heads to make them easily breakable and facilitate the entire process.

This concentrate is the purest solventless product made after separating the resin from the plant using ice-cold water, a sieve, and some agitation. It gets its name from how it bubbles up under flame and uses bubble bags during creation.

Shaking allows the marijuana trichomes to break and drop under the sieve, and the residue dries to create the product. Bubble hash quality usually varies based on the material you use and how well you conduct the agitation.

Types of Bubble Hash

There are various types of bubble hash based on quality and potency; trim and bud processed are the most common strains.

Trim Processed

Trim is the residue that collects after harvesting leaves, stems, and flowers. This type of bubble hash is usually of the lowest quality and is less powerful, given its source. However, you can still make a strong product if you use the perfect trim.

Bud Processed

Unlike the trim-processed product, the hash from the bud is more potent and has a better quality. It is the ideal way to create bubble hash since it uses entire flower buds loaded with trichomes.

Additionally, the bud’s quality will also determine the potency of the final product because low THC means a low-quality result.

How Is Bubble Hash Different From Regular Hash?

The traditional hash-making process was more straightforward. It used ancient techniques, forgoing bubble bags, ice, and water, and instead employed hand pressing or manually rubbing off the trichomes of the plant matter.

Bubble Hash vs Regular Hash

The modern method now entails dry sifting and the use of special equipment, leading to a higher concentration. While the potency of regular hash can reach 50%, the THC levels of bubble hash can extend to 60%, thanks to better refining.

Here’s another guide discussing various methods of making hash.

How To Make Bubble Hash (A Step-By-Step Guide)

If you are keen to know how to make bubble hash, you will appreciate that it is a simple procedure that entails using everyday items. However, the most critical tool is the bubble bag, and investing in an 8-bag kit is best for the ultimate results.

The kits contain bubble bags with 25-220 microns. A micron refers to the hole sizes of the mesh, which determines the grades of the end product.


  1. Bud or trim of cannabis
  2. Two buckets
  3. Two rice bags
  4. Eight bubble bags
  5. Hand mixer or stirring spoon
  6. Dying sheets


  1. Put ice in one bucket and pour in cold water, leaving some room for the cannabis. Next, add the plant matter and check that everything has submerged.
  2. Agitate or shake the cannabis using a wooden spoon or mixer for about 20 minutes, allowing enough time for the trichomes and the plant to detach. You can keep pouring in more ice to maintain the cold temperature.
  3. Afterward, you can place the bubble bags on the second bucket, and the trick is to arrange them based on their microns, in ascending order, starting with the largest size to the 220-micron bag. Tighten the bags on the rim and pour the mixture from the other container.
  4. After draining the residue, remove the bag from the bucket and pour ice water into it to collect any leftover trichomes. Shake the bag and let it drain, repeating the process for each bag. You will notice that the mesh bags below have the most quality products.
  5. After draining the bags, you can collect each hash strain and lay them on different drying sheets.
  6. Roll the ice hash into a ball and flatten it when dry.
  7. Your bubble hash is now ready, and you can store it in a tight container to keep it fresh.

How To Dry Bubble Hash

Once you have perfected the bubble hash-making process, the next vital step in processing and extraction is to dry it. The concentration needs an extended drying time, otherwise, rushing it could lead to molds, rendering the hash unconsumable.

what is bubble hash

Air Drying

Air drying is the simplest and cheapest way to go and only takes a few steps.

  1. After collecting the trichomes from the filter bags, you can lay them flat on drying sheets and store them in a freezer for a day. You can also place the sieve next to them (most people use baking sieves).
  2. Take parchment paper with the silicone side up and use it as the lining of a cardboard or pizza box.
  3. When 12 hours elapse, you can remove it from the freezer, then take pieces and scrape them across the sieve, directly over the box lined with parchment paper. You want to obtain a fine consistency and make the harsh dry faster.
  4. Take the box to a cool, dry area of 12 degrees Celsius and 35% humidity.
  5. The harsh should take 2-7 days to dry out entirely, and you should have a sandy product that is not wet when squeezed.

Using a Cold Room

This reverse air-drying method employs an automatic system to create a suitable room with controlled humidity and temperatures of 4-5 degrees Celsius. The working principle of the cold room is that it reduces terpene degradation.

It occurs due to air heat and oxygen exposure during air drying. You can create a cold room using a wine cooler that helps you control the temperature, and the upside is that it is portable.

Freeze Drying

This drying method uses a freeze dryer which can be expensive for most people. However, it does an impressive job of evenly removing the wetness and producing a perfect hash. You want the concentration to be functional and usable.

It takes only 24 hours for the freeze-dried hash to be ready, and the system reduces oxidation, ensuring that the residue retains its color, unlike in air drying, where the hash looks darker.

Besides, you don’t need to sieve the hash or prepare it to dry better; you can take it from the bags and place them in the dryer, saving time and effort.

How To Use Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a versatile type of hash you can consume in several ways. You can break it and mix it in rolls or add on bowls, but for the best experience, you can opt for dabbing. Alternatively, you can turn it into rosin, especially if the product is less refined.

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